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Už Lietuvą!

Tomas Varnagiris ir Česlovas Gabalis Atlantoje!

Tomas Varnagiris ir Česlovas Gabalis Atlantoje! Spalio 4 d. , 19:30, City of Light Saleje.

Vienas iš geraiusių Lietuvos gitaristų Tomas Varnagiris ir roko muzikos atlikėjas Česlovas Gabalis Atlantoje! Kviečiam!

Bilietų kaina $30, vaikams (16 metų ir jaunesni ) $15. Tomas Varnagiris ir Česlovas Gabalis Atlantoje! Tomas Varnagiris and Česlovas Gabalis in Atlanta!  October 4th, 7:30 pm at City of Light Hall.

Two of the best Lithuanian performers:  Rock guitarist Tomas Varnagiris and Rock legend Česlovas Gabalis come to Atlanta.  You are invited!

Ticket price: $30 for adults, $15 for kids 16 and under






30th anniversary of the Baltic Way in Atlanta

Please join Atlanta Lithuanians , Estonians, Latvians and their friends to commemorate this special historical event. On Saturday, August 24th, we will gather on the top of the Stone Mountain (Directions: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd Stone Mountain, GA 30083, ) to join hands to reenact a human chain that happened in three Baltic states 30 years ago. Please bring your national flags and dress in national colors. Will take some nice pictures.

At 3:30pm – we will meet at Walk-up trail Parking Lot, before walking-up the mountain on foot.
Between 5 and 6pm – symbolic human chain reenactment on the top of the Stone Mountain.

Around 6:45pm we will gather for a picnic on the Memorial lawn in front of the Stone Mountain monument. Please bring your own food and refreshments. Admission to our event is free. There is a fee to enter the Stone Mountain Park.

It will be a special, memorable event! Don’t miss it!

Atlanta Lithuanian-American Community

Date: Saturday, August 24, beginning at 3:30pm. Stone Mountain Park (1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd Stone Mountain, GA 30083, .
Wear national colors / T-shirts

3:00-3:30 some participants leave blankets at Memorial lawn to reserve the spot
3:30-4pm gathering at a Walk-up trail Parking Lot. (see Map: A) Near wending machines. Coordinate, inform participants about details, Event coordinators & this timeline.
4-5pm Climb up the mountain on foot.
5-6pm On the top of the Mountain
– 5pm- gather at Center point (see Map: B)
– form the line, 1/2 of people walk West, 1/2 of people walk East (see Map)
– stand in line facing North-East (down from the Mountain OR towards Atlanta downtown)
– 5:15-5:20 Stand in human chain holding hand, only designated photographers take pictures during this time
– 5:20-5:35 Relax, walk, talk to other participants, talk to bystanders, invite to join us, take your own, group pictures, etc.
– 5:35-5:40 Stand in human chain again, holding hands, for a second time.
If arriving late by foot – join the line at West end, if arriving late by cable car – join line at the East end
– 5:40-6:00 Before descending gather together at the West end of the line for some talks and singing
6-6:45 walk down the trail of the Mountain
6:45-8:30, Picnic on the Memorial Lawn (see Map: C).
(possibly staying longer, as per personal choice)
(FYI: Sun sets at 8:35pm, Cable lift operates until 8:00pm. Laser show starts at 9:30).

Suggestion for the picnic on Memorial Lawn:
– bring folding chairs and/or beach blankets
– bring cooler with food and refreshments. No organized food will be provided.
– no grills nearby in this area
– consider bringing some beach umbrellas, or similar, for shade.
– there are things to do at Stone Mountain

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Joninės/Midsummer Night Picnic

Atlantos lietuvių Joninės – birželio 22d.

Midsummer Night Picnic – June 22nd

For English translation click here Mielieji, kviečiame visus kartu šauniai atšvęsti Atlantos lietuvių Jonines su Kęstučiu Jablonskiu. Šiais metais Joninės grįžta į Young Deer Park, Lanier ežero pakrantėje. Adresas: 7300 Heard Road, Cumming, GA.  Pradžia – 4 val. p.p. Jeigu šiek tiek pavėluosite – nebėda! Numatome nuoseklų įsibėgėjimą!

Jūsų lauks daug linksmybių, žaidimų, vainikų pynimai, Joninių dainos bei užsiėmimai vaikams. Gėlių, žolynų ir siūlo vainikams bus šiek tiek parūpinta, tačiau, kas galite, prašome atsinešti ir daugiau. Pražys ir Paparčio Žiedas! Neapsiriks tas, kas jį suras!

Apie 6 val. vakaro kepsime visų pamėgtas dešrelės. Prašome atsinešti ir savo užkandžių, desertų bei gėrimų, kad galėtumėte pasidalinti su kaimynais ar pavaišinti draugus.

Renginio įėjimo kaina – $15 suaugusiems. Vaikams ir paaugliams iki 16 m. – $5. Visus kviečiame atvykti ir pakalbinti draugą!



 Dear friends,

We cordially invite you and your family to celebrate our traditional Midsummer Night Picnic! This year, we are happy to feature renoun performer Kestutis Jablonskis.

The event will take place at  Young Deer Park on Lake Lanier, 7300 Heard Road, Cumming, GA, on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

The festivities will kick off at about 4pm, and will include weaving traditional flower crowns, volleyball, music, singing, dinner featuring grilled sausages, dancing, and games such as the search for the mystical “Flowering Fern,” a favorite of kids of all ages.

Admission is $15 for adults and $5 for kids 16 and under.

Please bring a side dish, a snack or dessert to share. Also, although oak branches and flowers will be at hand to weave flower crowns, please bring some extra cut flowers to add to the fun.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Lithuanian-American Community’s Midsummer Night Picnic! Invite your friends and neighbors!

Širdys (I Want to Live)

Premjera Atlantoje | Atlanta’s Premiere

Lietuviškas filmas didžiajame ekrane. Vieną iš pagrindinių vaidmenų suvaidinęs R. Kazlas minėjo “… tai yra mano didžiausias vaidmuo kine”. Šiltas, nuoširdus filmas apie tai, kai dar nebuvo interneto, kai jausmai buvo grynesni, kai širdys buvo tikros ir mokėjo plakti vienu ritmu…”  Angliški subtitrai bus.

I Want to Live
Lithuanian film for the big screen, released in 2018.  Per Rolandas Kazlas, who plays one of the main characters, “…this is the best role I have ever played.  A warm, sincere movie about the time before Internet, when feelings were purer, when hearts were real, and they could beat to one rhythm…”  WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Gegužės 19d., 10:30 val. ryte | May 19th, 10:30 am
Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema
931 Monroe Dr NE , Atlanta, GA 30308
Kaina | Tickets $15

Palaikykime mūsų meninį talentą!
Let’s support our artistic talent!

Bilietus galite įsigyti čia | Tickets