30th anniversary of the Baltic Way in Atlanta

Please join Atlanta Lithuanians , Estonians, Latvians and their friends to commemorate this special historical event. On Saturday, August 24th, we will gather on the top of the Stone Mountain (Directions: 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd Stone Mountain, GA 30083, www.stonemountainpark.com ) to join hands to reenact a human chain that happened in three Baltic states 30 years ago. Please bring your national flags and dress in national colors. Will take some nice pictures.

At 3:30pm – we will meet at Walk-up trail Parking Lot, before walking-up the mountain on foot.
Between 5 and 6pm – symbolic human chain reenactment on the top of the Stone Mountain.

Around 6:45pm we will gather for a picnic on the Memorial lawn in front of the Stone Mountain monument. Please bring your own food and refreshments. Admission to our event is free. There is a fee to enter the Stone Mountain Park.

It will be a special, memorable event! Don’t miss it!

Atlanta Lithuanian-American Community

Date: Saturday, August 24, beginning at 3:30pm. Stone Mountain Park (1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd Stone Mountain, GA 30083, www.stonemountainpark.com) .
Wear national colors / T-shirts

3:00-3:30 some participants leave blankets at Memorial lawn to reserve the spot
3:30-4pm gathering at a Walk-up trail Parking Lot. (see Map: A) Near wending machines. Coordinate, inform participants about details, Event coordinators & this timeline.
4-5pm Climb up the mountain on foot.
5-6pm On the top of the Mountain
– 5pm- gather at Center point (see Map: B)
– form the line, 1/2 of people walk West, 1/2 of people walk East (see Map)
– stand in line facing North-East (down from the Mountain OR towards Atlanta downtown)
– 5:15-5:20 Stand in human chain holding hand, only designated photographers take pictures during this time
– 5:20-5:35 Relax, walk, talk to other participants, talk to bystanders, invite to join us, take your own, group pictures, etc.
– 5:35-5:40 Stand in human chain again, holding hands, for a second time.
If arriving late by foot – join the line at West end, if arriving late by cable car – join line at the East end
– 5:40-6:00 Before descending gather together at the West end of the line for some talks and singing
6-6:45 walk down the trail of the Mountain
6:45-8:30, Picnic on the Memorial Lawn (see Map: C).
(possibly staying longer, as per personal choice)
(FYI: Sun sets at 8:35pm, Cable lift operates until 8:00pm. Laser show starts at 9:30).

Suggestion for the picnic on Memorial Lawn:
– bring folding chairs and/or beach blankets
– bring cooler with food and refreshments. No organized food will be provided.
– no grills nearby in this area
– consider bringing some beach umbrellas, or similar, for shade.
– there are things to do at Stone Mountain

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